Get Rewards

How to Earn Reward Points

100 Points – Activation of an Account
Earn your first 100 points simply by activating your account!

250 Points – Refer a Friend When You Join
Earn 250 points when you refer a friend at the club during your first 60 days of membership. Having friends to workout with makes it much more fun!

100 Points – Refer a Friend Online
Earn 100 points when you refer a friend online in your fitRewards account. It is easy and you will earn additional points when your friend comes into the club!

1000 Points – Refer a Friend Who Enrolls
Earn 1000 points when you refer a friend who enrolls in the club!

100 Points – Participate in Fitness Evaluation or Orientation
Earn 100 points when you participate in either a Fitness Evaluation or Fitness Orientation!

10 Points – For each visit to the club!
Please be sure to scan your membership card at the desk!

300 Points – For New Members Attending the Club 30 Times in their First 90 Days
As a new member earn an extra 300 points when you attend the club 30 times or more in the first 90 days of membership!

250 Points – Join During Your One-Week Trial
Earn 250 points for joining the club during your one week trial membership period!

500 Points – Purchase a 10-Pack of Personal Training or Personal Pilates
Earn 500 points for every 10 pack of personal training or personal pilates that you purchase!

250 Points – Purchase a 10-pack of Group Pilates or Private Swim Lessons
Earn 250 points for every 10 pack of group pilates or private swim lessons that you purchase!

500 Points – Happy Birthday
Earn 500 points on your special day. Happy Birthday from fitRewards!